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Thread: Poems

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    roll roll roll a joint pass it down the line
    take a toke inhale the smoke then youll blow your mind

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    Re: poems


    Stoners Stoners
    we're the shit
    spark it up
    and take a hit
    take it deep
    and feel the whoa
    then relax
    and let it go
    Stoners Stoners
    we're so cool
    if you doubt us
    you're a fool
    get it straight
    you got it wrong
    it's ok to
    hit the bong
    Stoners Stoners
    we are great
    get a life
    stop the hate
    just accept us
    we're ok
    learn to like us
    here to stay
    Stoners Stoners
    Do no harm
    theres no cause
    for alarm
    we're just like
    average folk
    except the fact
    we like to smoke
    Stoners Stoners
    mouths are dry
    eyes are red
    really high
    we are happy
    fun to grin
    so hate on us
    it's a sin!

    -King Bongmaster

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    Re: poems

    in the south we give it up to the green
    so sticky it sit you back with yo eyes on the screen.
    you aint gotta have that bling
    cuz when you got the chron, you a king.
    sittin' sideways on my throne
    don't answer my phone
    cuz I'm incredibly thrown.
    bein thrown is only half the game
    start flippin', start tippin' and you get your fame.
    see what I'm sayin'
    that AK will ease yo pain
    get with me and you'll be gettin' brain.