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Thread: New episode of Baked Potatoes stoner show

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    New episode of Baked Potatoes stoner show

    We just released a new episode of our stoner show so check it out below.

    In the first part we have a new show intro and our show opening. We also talk about the supposedly signed Star Wars pictures and show the signed jackets signatures up close. We also have another segment of Celebrities On Weed with some Arnold Schwarzenegger quotes about legalizing weed along with a clip of The Governator smoking a joint in the Pumping Iron documentary. We also play a short clip of stand up comedian Chris Rock talking about drug policies in America and tell you a stoner joke. Last but not least, we also created our own IPot commercial for you all.

    In the second part we play some vintage anti-drug public service announcement TV commercials and of course expose their folly for all to see. One of the ads even portrays drug dealers as inhuman snake like creatures that feed on human children believe it or not. We also expose some supposed medical information published on a blog that says almost all stoners are mentally insane and schizophrenics.

    In the third part we show some pictures of people that were obviously stoned when they did what they did. We also show you a clip from another stoner show called The Stoner Show, go figure. We play a sound byte from another classic stoner tune called Got Stoned and I Missed It by Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show. You also get to find out about another stoner event called The Stoney Awards for weedy TV shows and movies featuring an interview clip of Justin Kirk from the TV show Weeds.

    In the fourth part we feature another editorial about an online forum message that a close minded individual posted about a marijuana festival. We also created two more of our own public service announcements about toking and driving and gearing up marijuana law reform. We mention the many uses of marijuana as products the governments could be making revenue on. Lastly but not leastly is the final thoughts and show closing.

    Hope you enjoy them and let us know what you think

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    Re: New episode of Baked Potatoes stoner show

    Nick we love cats,what is your cats name and can the fab feline be in all the shows? Great job,keep the faith brother!!