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  1. 30 dollar USB microscope w AMAZING VIDEO

    [QUOTE=trichomes;2174823]I was peering through my 30 dollar usb microscope one day and what do I see walking over my trichomes?

    This dude must walk on air, he does not even know that they are as sticky as glue!

    I got my 30 dollars worth just by catching this by pure luck,

    I had no idea that I would see something more than an amber trich or two.

    He was set free because he did no harm :green_heart:

    [URL="https://www.y ...
  2. LINK to: hydrosalts-organic-soil-bad-practice-perpetuated-rumor


    researched & explained by 420 member [B]caninerd[/B]

    [URL=""]rumor is MYTH link HERE[/URL]
  3. basic Troubleshooter that covers almost everything

    Here is a basic Troubleshooter that covers almost everything any (novice to intermediate) grower with little or no experience, might find helpful!

    Plant Problem-Solver, simply start at #1 below. When you think you’ve found the problem, read the Nutrients section to learn more about it. Diagnose carefully before making major changes

    1) If the problem affects only the bottom or middle of the plant go to #2. b) If it affects only the top of the plant or the growing tips, ...
  4. UK penalties for cultivation vary widely

    I am so bummed about a great 420 friend, here's UK gov't link I read, I may go back and see how many girls he had,

    number of plants is a big factor.:Namaste:

  5. rainwater by Gardenfaerie Auto Fem/CFL to Greenhouse

    [QUOTE=gardenfaerie;2018076]With regard to rainwater:

    I am a huge fan of it. I have collection barrels at my downspouts. Of course it does wash off the dust and dirt from the roof, along with any loose asphalt prills which are on the shingles, but I still think rain water is unsurpassed with any tap or filtered water. My rain water registers at about 6.0, which is about right. The only time rain water absolutely needs to be processed through filtration is for potability. If you ...
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  6. auto info

    [QUOTE=bothteams;2018131]Autos I think are the perfect outdoor crop. I don't see why anyone would grow them indoors really :) The trick to getting them raged outdoors is a lot of sun and aggressive feeding with supercropping when they are really young- I mean as soon as you get the lateral growth going in a ball- it should be ready to super crop, you want to break all the branches at once. You can really only do this once though because they flower so quick. I noticed they can take a lot more abuse ...
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  7. where's Spimp? Auto Flowering seed questions .

    [QUOTE=Spimp;1872090]This is an old thread, but Id like to share some of my thoughts on Autos Seedlings.

    The first thing I have seen is the Taproot of an auto is much more aggresive than photo's i have grown. It gows deeper and faster. Ive had them come out of the bottom of a party cup in 2 days! Be prepared by starting in a finishing pot and try not to transplant.
    I have transplanted autos but any Shcok can reduce yield significantly so unless your very confident, dont do ...
  8. Bubble Bag Hash trespass post Chron's Advanced LED's Time to Grow-Grow

    bubble bags hash

    [QUOTE=trichomes;1991193]Bubble Hash short vid. Here ya go D, just for you! sorry I did not add tunes, 2 minute video link below! Thanks for the trespass post Chron!

    [url=]bubble bags hash - YouTube[/url][/QUOTE]
  9. King John shared Bug control links/tips

    [QUOTE=KingJohnC;1970805]I have used Monterey Garden Insect Spray with Spinosad and Monterey All Natural 3 in 1 Garden Insect Spray to kill spider mites and thrips. I add 3-5 drops per gallon of Ivory Liquid Soap as a surfactant to help the spray stick to leaves and stems better. I spray every 3 days alternating the 2 Monterey products for 2 weeks to kill adults and larvae as they hatch. Sierra Natural Sciences also makes 2 products to kill spider mites and thrips SNS-217C Concentrate and SNS-209 ...
    Tags: pest control
  10. Gas Lantern Technique

    [QUOTE=ColoradoHigh;1979420][QUOTE=Cronichemphog;1979411]theres a glr gas lantern routine
    and theres a diminished light schedule thing too[/QUOTE]

    [URL=""]The Gas Lantern Routine for Growing Cannabis[/URL][/QUOTE]
  11. King John great shared facts links Coco Grow question Zinc def.?

    [QUOTE=KingJohnC;1970809]here is a nutrient availability chart


    here is a cannabis leaf deficiency chart


    here is the Cannabis Plant and Pest Problem Solver and the Plant Abuse Chart

    [URL=""][/URL] ...
  12. King John share

    [QUOTE=KingJohnC;1950288]here is a male and female cannabis plant


    here is the female pre flower

  13. Can found a chemist

    [QUOTE=ajagunle;1976669]Fantastic explanation PeeJay and thank you Canna for posting!

    I would add 2 things;

    1. The scale is logarithmic, so 6 is ten times more Acidic than 7 and 5 is a hundred times more Acidic , 4 is a thousand times more Acidic, worth bearing in mind if you drift too far from the ‘Zone’ I think.

    2. All our meters measure EC (electrical conductivity) and convert to ppm, each continent or manufacturer appears to use a small variety of ...
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  14. Canna PJ PH & PPM share

    [QUOTE=Cannafan;1976134]Here is an excellent read sent to me by PeeJay regarding my question on PPM/PH
    I now understand Parts per Million (PPM) which is going to help me with a lot of things here regarding my water, not just my grow.
    Thank you PeeJay! Not only for the information, but the time you spent on it!:thanks:

    [B]PH and PPM:[/B]
    I'll do as best I can with this question, putting it into laymen's terms. pH is a measure of hydrogen ion concentration. At ...
  15. CLONIG for Broke Ass aka New City Grower

    [QUOTE=trichomes;1965653][QUOTE=B A R;1965635]I've read, read, read & tried, tried, tried nearly every method disused amongst the threads I follow except the bubble cloner. I'm just jinxed when it comes to cloning.[/QUOTE]

    My cloning success was 20+ years ago, looks like a lot has changed. Very hard to root cuttings that are flowerring, cut thenm off a girl that is vegging, make cuts at a node. To prevent the possibilty of a bubble in the stem (deadly embolism prevention) You ...
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