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Zinc deficiency? Please help

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Not sure if this is a zinc deficiency. When plants were seedlings I survived a large fungus gnat invasion. I beat the pests and transplanted Into 50/50 coco perilite. With a scoop of dolomite lime.

The plants have recently stalled and all the new growth is yellow and thin. On some leaves half the leaf margins are non existent.

Flushed with 5.8 plain water last two waters. Still no new growth.

Fed with bio thrive grow from GH at about 500-800 ppm for two weeks. I ph'd to 5.8 for a couple feeds but GH recommends no ph adjustment with this line. So i stopped. Looks like zinc from what I can get her but my nute is balanced with micros and macros. Plus I supplement with calmg every feed.

Please help!!!
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  1. Richard Richardson's Avatar
    to 420 Magazine.

    You will get more help if you post your question in FAQs.

    Photos are always helpful - 420 Magazine Gallery Guide

    How To Ask For Grow Support

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