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My thoughts on cheap bongs

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Hi guys, this is my first blog post here and I quite like the forums. Having your own blog is really quite cool because I've always wanted to start one but just never got around to it!

I simply don't see the point in not going for cheap bongs these days, I myself have gone to buy cheap bongs and more extravagant, expensive ones. I mean sure, without a doubt the expensive one I got had thicker glass and loads of style, it did look great. But the cheap bong was just as effective at the end of the day (or can I say, the end of the hit!).

I am quite into the classic styles of glass bongs, just the standard chamber with a little bubble chamber to get that smoke cooled. And when you see the price of cheap bongs coming in at around as little as 15 it is an obvious choice for me. Even when I do have some money spare that I would like to spend, I would prefer to buy 5 cheap bongs and have backups than go for an overpriced one!

Now there are loads of benefits of opting for cheap bongs, one major one could be something as simple as where you live. Bongs in some countries are considered to be drug paraphernalia and authorities will confiscate them on sight. If you want to buy bongs, go through the process of finding one and then have a few tokes then you would not want to risk having it taken off you! I'm sure the majority here at 420Mag will agree that cheap glass bongs are the way to go, whether you are clumsy or not, accidents happens and other people could even be the cause. I once lost a pricey pipe to the miss care of an x girlfriend, I can assure you that I miss that pipe more than her! Another great benefit of cheap bongs is having them available at parties and smoke sessions, passing around a water pipe feels much more relaxing than one you piled weeks of earnings in to! If anyone was considering to heavily invest in a glass bong then I hope reading this gives you a little more insight to the advantages of bongs from herbtools, I don't want anyone to feel the pain I once did!f

This is my first real blog post and I hope it was enjoyable for you to read, I would like to post some more of my thoughts on smoking pipes so subscribe to me Thanks.
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