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  1. Haze seedling turning lime green. Help!

    First time grower. My seedlings are growing in mushroom compost soil under a 300W light. I think I might have overwatered it, but Im not quite sure. Anybody know whats wrong with it? And how I can fix it?

  2. New to Hydroponics

    I'm after starting a Drip Feed Hydroponics System. I've made it myself and I'm quite proud of it!
    Ok so I'm using a simple enough design which lets me in control. My Net Pots are 3inches and In them i have Rockwool and Clay Pebbles. As Rockwools keeps water well and the Clay Pebbles hold oxygen and are good for drainage! My Nutrients choice was Sensi Grow! Only by recommendation and it is ph balanced. As I said I am new to Hydroponics but have made a fair effort to study all different Hydro ...
  3. Test grow

    The seeds if used are outlaw x3
    The next one is my best smoke glueberry og X1
    And last one frasian dew x2
  4. #1 pH Measurement Mistake: Storing the Probe Tip Dry

    #1 on Hanna Instruments' list of no-nos is storing the glass measurement electrode at the tip of the meter dry. (You should store the electrode immersed in storage solution, or at least pH 7.0 calibration solution (which is what they do in most labs).

    Storing the electrode dry can cause a coating to develop on the electrode that makes your meter slow to respond and unstable.

    (You shouldn't store the probe tip in water either. Most labs store it in pH 7.0 calibration ...
  5. Preparing a Soil Sample for pH Measurement (Video from Hanna Instruments)

    Here's a two-minute video about how to prepare a soil sample from from Hanna instruments, a big international company that has been making pH meters for decades.