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  1. Pineapple Express

    Strain Highlights

    Pineapple Express was bred by G13 labs and is the child of Trainwreck and Hawaiian. The smell has been likened to fresh apple and mango, with a taste of pineapple, pine and cedar. This hard-hitting sativa provides an energetic high up to 2 hours and has a THC content up to 17% with CBD of 0.17%. Pineapple Express is a marijuana strain with light green buds that are dense with thick resin.
  2. Second Entry

    Hi there, i got a comment from David Bowman saying i should post in the proper area of the website to get a better response. i did, and response was the same, so ill just keep posting and sharing with whomever reed this.

    So, as i told you in my first post, i'm a regular cannabis user and i'm tired of buying weed from street dealers and contributing to narcotrafic and the drug war in my country. I decided to stop buying weed and start growing, but the issue is that it is still illegal ...
  3. 1st Grow - Harvest Time - See Pictures - Please Help!

    1st Grow. Indoor. Day 61 into Flowering. Bag seed.

    See Pics.

    Not sure if this is a good time to harvest. Don't have a magnifier to see trichomes. Can anyone tell from looking at attached pics? Any & All help appreciated.

  4. New

    How do I post pic's of my plant
  5. Need advice to trim or not to trim?

    Quote Originally Posted by Suren1987 View Post
    Hey everyone, I am a first time grower.
    I planted S.A.D. SWEET AFGANI DELICIOUS from Sweet Seeds.
    Some specs:
    Indica / Sativa: 90%-10%

    Indoor Yield: 400-500 g/m2
Indoor Blooming: 8-9 weeks

    I'm growing indoors under a 100w CFL.
    At the moment I am on week 8 and I'm counting from the time I germinated, and still on 18/6 phase (veg)
    Here are some pics:

  6. Cajuncelt's Story - A Base Treatment Regimen for Cancer

    Quote Originally Posted by cajuncelt View Post
    Just so it's clear to everyone here:
    I know for a fact that CO cures cancer. Stage 4 cancer spread to other organs.
    This message seems to have been lost in all the thread shuffling over time.

    I can only tell you my story once again. You decide.

    I was diagnosed with liver cancer several years ago & began chemo (Folfox6) immediately. I was told I had a VERY short time to live. The chemo wrecked me. But, I was diagnosed as "No Signs of Disease"
  7. Bioavailability and competitive inhibition - A Base Treatment Regimen for Cancer

    Quote Originally Posted by cajuncelt View Post
    The whole pharmacogenomics thing means that some people will be genetically predisposed to metabolise THC at different rates and so benefit to differing degrees.
    Due to the low and varied bioavailability of oral THC formulations, alternative routes of drug administration, including oromucosal (through the mouth lining), sublingual (under the tongue), vaporization and inhalation, and rectal administration, have been developed by pharmaceutical companies to improve the amount of delivered cannabinoids
  8. Black Dominas - what kind of disease?

    What happens, anybody an idea?

    Altogether there are 4 Black Dominas in the grow tent, since 18 days 12/12

    Till now I asked a lot of people in different blogs, in different countries, but nobody knows what this coud be.

    Maybe here?

    Pls I need help.


    Greetings from Germany
  9. Cloner Update

    Cloner update!!!

    So totally shattered all FE records for root production. BOOM!

    ACDC could go in the pot today (day 5) with plenty of roots. It had nubs on day 3 roots on 4. All have roots besides one (forget which) but the ACDC is a gentle strain and both took with no issue's
    I didn't even heat the res this time maybe that was better. Best part is it wasnt even a clean run...The first day I forgot to vent the tub so it wilted most of them. 5 of 6 have roots ...
    Overall Grow!
  10. Best way to aquire cannabis oil in the UK for the treatment of cancer

    Quote Originally Posted by kjnw18069 View Post
    Hello, I am new on this website,
    Im frantically looking for answers as my fathers dying of spinal cancer after a year he has already had prostate, and liver cancer then this but theres nothing at all doctors can do now but offer palliative care pain relief for him,

    Im looking into finding the answers to this cannabis oil, simpsons oil, hash oil, what ia the differences what do i try to buy to give my father a fighting chance a little bit of hope that taking this oil can cure
  11. Toxic Proposals - Why is NORML - Show Me Cannabis & N.A.M. supporting prohibition?

    ANALYSIS OF MISSOURI PETITIONS (2016-134 and 2016-135)

    By Pat and Lynn Kempen

    New Approach Missouri, NORML and Show Me Cannabis support these positively horrendous Constitutional Amendments, despite their disingenuous claims that they are fighting cannabis prohibition.

    Bear in mind, the purpose of the Constitution is to establish limitations of government, ...
  12. Get involved with the MO total re-legalization of cannabis petition

    FEBRUARY 7, 2016 BY PAT
    Get involved with the MO total re-legalization of cannabis petition.

    How to get involved.

    2016-013 initiativeYou, too, can become a part of the hottest Cannabis movement in Missouri, for the grassroots campaign that is growing faster than the corporate world can contain it. The Missouri Cannabis Restoration and Protection Act has become the foundation of more than ...
  13. 1st Time Grower - Autos in coir


    I'm new to growing so just thought I'd start a new journal on my first grow, I planted 2 sensi super skunk #1 auto seeds on 02/02/2016, which i soaked in paper towels for 24 hrs then planted straight into a 70/30% coir/pearlite mix which i watered with 5.8 ph tap water, run off is 6.2 ph, 24 hrs in advance.

    After 3 days underground, under a grow light which is 32" (80 cm) above the seedlings on a 18/6 schedule, they popped yesterday morning and today they have ...
  14. 21/12 flowering - Toast's 2016 Indoor/Outdoor Grow Journal

    Quote Originally Posted by lembatoast View Post
    A guy SmokeyMacPot went out of his way to get me this information years ago and I thought I would share it:
    Quote Originally Posted by SmokeyMacPot View Post
    The only photoperiod manipulation from years of experiments that offered discernible improvements was this adjustment made for 1 or 2 calendar weeks at the point of maximum flowering rate: Daylength of 21 hours, 36 minutes with a dark period of 12 hours. To accomplish this, you need a 7 day, 24 hour digital timer. During a 7 day calendar week on Earth, the "sun" only cycles 5 times.
  15. Grow Journal 2 - Several Strains By New420Guy

    Quote Originally Posted by PaulPro9 View Post
    Here's an update ... I have added 1 more of my original strains, Playboy OG from Gomez Seeds. I've been out of that strain for over a year, so I just germinated my last 5 seeds to find a male to pollenate my Playboy mother. I actually tried to make Playboy seeds last year, along with several other strains (just like this year) but I accidentally pollenated the Playboy plant with a Purple Berry Playboy, so I ended up with twice as many Purple Berry Playboy seeds and no original Playboy. I'm making
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