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  1. RL - Experiment: Cannabis Chai Latte

    As I was reading and researching last night, I discovered Bhang tea. I'm not a huge tea fan, but a recipe came up for a chai latte. Interested peaked.

    This morning I found the recipe again, and wrote out a modified version. The original recipe calls for 1/2 gram cannabis, 1/2 gram butter, 1 cup whole milk, 1 teaspoon vanilla, 1/2 cup water and a chai tea bag. I knew I was out of real butter, and out of vanilla, but my throat hurts and I want a latte.

    The modified recipe ...
  2. Height Adjustment

    7 girls in one 2X5 tent requires all of them be approximately the same height by the time they enter the bloom tent. I try to keep the plants within 1 inch of each other so they all experience the same lighting intensity. This requires occasional position changes within the tent if I notice one plant out growing the others. It is my version of "equal opportunity" within my agricultural endeavor. This step is one of the "fine tuning" operations which contribute to a standardized ...
  3. Research Lab 1 - Symptoms & Tests

    Over the last year and a half, I have had a slew of symptoms hit me like a truck.

    I have presented with:
    • high eosinophils
    • weight loss (100.4 pounds over all)
    • fatigue
    • body aches
    • nausea and vomiting

    I have created a daily health tracking binder that records my weight, overall feeling once waking, my meals for the day, and washroom times & habits (which haven't really changed, but I've been informed that they weren't exactly normal in the first ...
  4. Aero gardon 6 home made grow box

    So I mad a grow box with tin foil lining the inside and put a small fan in it I'm growing with the aerovardon6 need all the help I can
  5. Watching Grass Grow

    Quote Originally Posted by nagganaggaren View Post
    This morning around 11am. Taken with my phone as I'm still having issues with my camera. I spent a load of money on a nice camera for myself a year ago and still cant use it properly!

    From above.

    The withered bottom leaf has been removed after I took this picture.

  6. Random Thoughts - May 1, 2016

    Ever have one of those highs where you really want to share what you're feeling but it's really hard to stay focused enough to actually get somewhere you can do that? Yeah, that's where I am right now. It's 10 to 4 on Sunday after and I vaped some Alaskan Thunder Fuck about 2 hours ago after the disastrous smoking incident with it last night.

    I need to do a review of it. It's definitely a cerebral high where the stuff I'm reading or hearing seems so much deeper than I would normally ...
  7. Muerte Review - Indica

    Quote Originally Posted by HashOnlyGirl View Post
    I added approximately one bud of Muerte to my new water bong and smoked it over the past 2 hours or so and I do feel very mellow and not as out of it as I often do when I get high. Definitely a good mellow high.

    It was bought for insomnia and anxiety issues. I definitely think this will help me sleep. If I can I'll update this blog tomorrow when I find out.

    Here are some photos:

  8. Selling accessories in SC

    Hello all I'm about to set up a spot at the local flea market here and was wondering if it is legal to sell accessories such as glass and wood pipes scales and so on can anyone here help me on this so I don't end up in a bunch of trouble lmao thanks
  9. Explanation of the HD process for indoor growing

    In an attempt to quantify and render repetitive my technique, I relate the method depicted here. I do this because one of my friends asked me: "How in heck did you do this?" OK, he didn't say "HECK". I'll start with H. D. It stands for HIGH DEFINITION. It is a title I coined to briefly describe the concoction of specific nutrients I use during the growth and bloom stages. Here it is:
    During the growth stage I use ADVANCED NUTRIENTS 'FLORA NOVA GROW' @ 8cc/gal. ...
  10. First Indoor Grow

    Hi 420, Im new to here and kinda trying to find my way around. I have recently started my first led indoor grow(mars 300) and awaiting a znet6. I have one plant thats either lemon haze or blue cheese got them mixed up and they where bag seed and a new just popped amnesia haze, within 24 hours of planting in soil I came back and was already nearly 2" tall and root popping out the bottom. The bag seed has started off ok, I noticed it started growing 3 sets of leaves and from what I can now tell ...
  11. The Proper Way to Water a Potted Plant - Emilya method

    Quote Originally Posted by Emilya View Post
    The Proper Way to Water a Potted Plant
    Also covered: the importance of pH and why we successively up-pot

    How to Water
    Over the last several years I have put a lot of study into this, and I feel that I can now define the proper way to water a potted plant. Keep in mind that this discussion applies to at least 3 gallon containers and bigger. Please realize that this special plant of ours does not grow like anything else you have ever tried to grow, and no matter
  12. First Grow - 4 Bubblegum Autoflower - LED bulbs

    Hello 420 world.
    Ive been scanning these blogs for weeks looking for advice/ tricks/ common issues/ success stories.
    So i figured id start my own. Very excited.
    Here are the facts:
    -My first grow ever
    - 4 female plants
    - Strain- Bubblegum
    - Pre germinated then soil planted (Fox Farm )
    - Nutes so far ( very little) fox farm 1st step

    Id love any advice and or support to become any happy , high, medical grower
  13. Random Thoughts - April 30, 2016

    8:04 p.m. - You know when you're so high that you can't think and the simplest things are way more hard to do? Yeah...that's where I'm at.

    I smoked a very small amount of Alaskan Thunder Fuck (sic). Wow! Harsh! I coughed for a long time after that. I knew I should have vaped it but my husband washed out my pipe and seemed to think I would prefer that. NOT! Especially since I have a chronic cough that I'm hoping will finally be diagnosed and treated this week.

    Anyhow, ...
  14. Creating Female Seeds Using Colloidal Silver - With Doc Buds High Brix Blend Kit

    Quote Originally Posted by ShiggityFlip View Post
    Just started with the silver thiosulfate.

    Sodium thiosulfate(pentahydrate) 2.4g in 60ml distilled water
    Silver nitrate 0.25g in 15 ml distilled water

    Mixed together and added 150ml distilled water. This is a 1/4 batch from a recipe that heirloom gave me. It is more than plenty for one or two plants. I put the leftover working solution in the refrigerator.

    I filled a small travel size sprayer and hosed down one of my high brix twisters. She looks fine
  15. Foliar spray ingredients - Cottage 420's 2015 Organic Grow

    Quote Originally Posted by bobrown14 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by StonerThor View Post
    Jeepers that Chemdawg looks space age! Have just semi caught up - man you grow some very nice ladies.

    I was hoping you could give me some advice, I recently added kelp meal, alfalfa meal and AgriSil potassium silicate to my shelf and was wanting to know how best to utilize them to get the most out of my ladies where they're currently at. I'm about 7 1/2 weeks into flowering in Coots styled soil with no complaints. Was doing more Aloe, Comfrey and EWC earlier on but have
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