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  1. Using Kratom: neikodog's brief outline

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    For those interested in how to use Kratom, I'll tell you how we do it.

    First off it is a tree leaf that is crushed into a powder that can be mixed with a liquid or even smoked. From my research smoking destroys the alkaloids which is something you don't want to do.

    The leaf is very bitter so we mix it with orange juice. After a while it becomes an acquired taste and I actually like the taste in OJ.

    Dosing is something you'll have to figure out for
  2. Using Kratom: An Overview by neikodog

  3. Daffodils and Burmese Skunk

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    Let's get this grow on
    Believe me I am dying to get started but this is my busy time of year. The upside is I am making enough money to buy my lights, appliances, tents/ construction material all at once. So when its go time it will happen fast.

    Well I popped into that store again. Couldnt resist with 1/2 price beans.

    Picked up another 5 seeds from Jordan Of The Island...his famous God Bud, even though I have some of the God Bud crosses. I also grabbed
  4. Automation

    Hello guys!

    I am entering this new world of cultivation, and I would like to know if

    anyone can help me? I needed to automate my cultivation, I have seen

    some options .. but I do not have much experience in this matter so I would

    like to know if anyone here can help me ?
  5. Cannabinoid Synthesis

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    TS,This may make it easier to understand. I keep a copy on my desk.

  6. My experience with saliva drug test

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    Mouth swab tests go by many names. Don’t get confused however. Here are some examples, all of which refer to basically the same thing in this context and are passed the same way: such as

    Saliva swab test, saliva swab drug test, saliva drug screen, saliva drug test
    Some of the reasons for this are that compared to other available test options they are:

    Non-invasive, so no issues with privacy or embarrassment
    Easy to administer randomly
  7. Cannabis Oil Dosing Tutorial - Tacking Method

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    Also, I thought this was clear. It's about bioavailability. That's a big word, but it's a medical fact as well.
    Intravenously is the BEST way to take it, but we can't. We physically can't. I know why. Anyone else?
    The next best way is through mucous linings. As in nasal sprays. That's why Sativex if given this way. The med itself sucks, but the method of delivery is 2nd only to IV's. I mentioned Israel. They are now using the nasal delivery.
    The next, & most convenient way,
  8. Cannabis Oil Dosing Tutorial - Tacking Method

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    Hey Buddy,

    Full term; taking your grow to 'full term' is allowing the trichomes to amber color. THC degrades allowing CBN/CBD/s to form. A good example is a high CBD strain like Harlequin; growing to 'full term' is a 12 week flower period. This allows what you want to achieve for this strain, max CBD's, low THC. Keep in mind if you have a set back in the flowering stage you would add approximately a week to the flower time.

    Sativa dominant strain for daytime oil; harvest
  9. DeVille explains oxygen absorbers

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    May have a solution for the remaining oxygen in a jar you can't remove with the vacuum pump. There is something called deoxidizer. I learned about it from my cats treats. It was used in the treat bag to remove oxygen from there so the treats last longer. I am pasting in an article from an external source, an prepper blog of all things. Makes sense though, preppers need to store food for a long time when their doomsday arrive:

    "Survival Basics: Using Oxygen Absorbers for Food
  10. PW's First Attempt At Aeroponics & PS1000 LED

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muzzybuds View Post
    Thanks for the info chaps.

    So ot actually increases quality!!! That pretty much makes it vital! I thought it was only a yield boosting technique. When is the best time to start it? Sorry i could google it but i would rather hear it from you guys [emoji4]
    Anytime after they hit the halfway point, by that time the buds have naturally slowed down their vertical flower growth so snip 3 pistils and a tiny bit of green from the tip of the bud so the auxins ( growth hormone)
  11. Cannabis Oil Dosing Tutorial - Tacking Method

    Quote Originally Posted by 420 Motoco View Post
    Hi Drgs,

    Your absolutely correct, quality oil is the key. No need to waste your daytime oil either as you can mix in some of the Indica dominant to tone down the up. I encourage sativa dominant for the day and here is why. When doing Indica only you become couch locked and you just dwell on cancer/aliment and then depression sets in. You just needed both strains, which now you have. Sativa during the day doesn't allow depression, keeps your mind alert with a positive attitude while
  12. Hello

    I would be a first time grower and i may experience some problems with my plants (2) . I think it may be over-watering because initially , the pots didn't had holes , what do you think ?
    I also use LED 28W , 4-5h during the evening and the main source of light would be from the sun.
    room temperature , 17-22*C depends on the time of the day , humidity 30-50%
    the ph i do not know - i don't have a ph meter .
    week 3
    Bubba Kush Autoflowering Feminised in the blue-ish ...
  13. 10 Health Benefits of Medical Marijuana

    Here are just ten of the many health benefits attributed to the plant, as well as some of the problems associated with its use:

    1. Alzheimer’s
    Marijuana may be able to slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease, according to research by the Scripps Research Institute published in “Molecular Pharmaceutics.”

    2. Anxiety
    Harvard Medical School found that marijuana may have anti-anxiety effects. Of course, keep in mind that high doses may increase anxiety ...
  14. Greener Pastures Tennessee- It Takes You To A Higher Place Website

    This is my Official Website that just got made. Please check it out an sign up for emails. Will be adding other things to it soon

    Greener Pastures Tennessee – ~It Takes You To A Higher Place~