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  1. Light upgrade Comments

    Ok so a quick update with some questions that hopefully some peops can answer.

    So first off the stuff is all set up. Two new Led's in flower. New T5 in Veg. It feels different as soon as you walk in the Veg room. The T5 is bright.. Really bright... The plants in Veg seriously love it.. Well except......

    But no they are all growing very very fast now. substantially faster. The extra juice is definitely showing why it is worth it.

    The two LED's ...
    Overall Grow!
  2. Holy grail 69 & Blue kush

  3. Arnica Aloe Canna E Oil - Cannabis Oilers United! - CCO - RSO - CO

    Quote Originally Posted by Mighty Mouse View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by BeaverIslander View Post
    Don't forget to tell us the recipe for your "ROLL ON" bottles.
    Recipe for roll on pain oil:

    Arnica 30ML
    Aloe Vera 30ML
    Canna Oil 7ML
    Vitamin E 1ML

    Trying to keep it simple and effective.
  4. The New Weed Project


    This is my first note in 4/20 magazine, i'm from Mexico city and i want to change my country. My goal is to make people realize the advantages of growing at home, not only cannabis, also other vegetables and fruits.

    In Mexico cannabis is slowly being more accepted every day, mostly by young consumers who buy it illegally, like myself, But i decided to stop, i don't want to help organized crime for doing something that i love. Now i'm starting to grow weed for ...
  5. HPS and CMH VS LED

    Greetings Comrades,
    as you know, being an ill-informed consumer haplessly purchasing random equipment for the grow room does have its own set of disadvantages.

    Little do growers know is that while LED is moving forward at a rapid pace in lumens efficiency and power, HID is still chugging along and improving on its own.

    Almost a decade ago CMH came on the scene but it never seemed to catch on because it is not well known in horticulture circles.

  6. Olive oil extract update - bio availability

    Quote Originally Posted by cajuncelt View Post
    You're answers are staring back at you.

    The study you posted shows how adding fat increases bioavailability of cannabinoids by processing them in the lymphatic system, NOT being absorbed by the intestines or liver.

    That's fairly old news friend. That's a "1st pass" process of bioavailability & I myself have posted about it, but a few years ago.

    So, let's tie it up?...

    You are in favor of using a 1st pass method (of which tacking
  7. Are these seeds or leaves

  8. Crop King Seeds - Auto Jack Herer 1st Grow

    hey guys, this is my first post/blog. i have just started 3 auto jack herer from crop king seeds and i will be growing them under a 400w hps with soil/perlite/worm castings mix 1 part each. watering as needed and a 20/4 light cycle from day 1 to finish. i germinated the seeds for 14 hours in warm water then wet paper towel for 48 hours followed by potting in 2 gal pre soaked final pots. as i am starting this post on day 7 all three are between 2-3'' tall green healthy and growing their third set ...
  9. Original Grape 48

    Quote Originally Posted by PaulPro9 View Post
    When I walked into my living room, I was almost knocked over by that delicious grape smell and I knew there must be a huge bag of buds sitting open, but when I looked around, I only saw this tiny little bag that my daughter was enjoying a morning bake from. Wow, that aroma is powerful, and it smells so good, I couldn't help endulging. Original Grape 48, originally called Purple AK48, is a strain you will remember always.

    Strain Name - Grape 48 (aka Purple AK48)
    From - New420Guy
  10. Buccal Mucosa As A Route For Systemic Drug Delivery - A Review

    by , 02-03-2016 at 10:53 AM (Cannafan's Wellness Sanctuary)
    I will edit and transfer the entire abstract soon.

    Amir H Shojaei, Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T6G 2N8
  11. Sublingual mucosa as a route for systemic drug delivery

    by , 02-03-2016 at 10:49 AM (Cannafan's Wellness Sanctuary)
    International Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
    ISSN- 0975-1491 Vol 3, Suppl 2, 2011

    This is a .PDF document, I will transfer it in it's entirety when I can.
  12. Cannabis Oilers United! - CCO - RSO - CO

    Quote Originally Posted by Cannafan View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by 94xjjohn View Post
    Correct. Toss out the first and last will be water...toss it too. Stay below 212 deg F (say 170 deg F) so as to leave most the water in the still.

    I have a hydrometer now, so I will distill 151 Everclear right now and report back what proof I end up with at 170 deg F.
    Johnny, I got this from WildJim. Read it before you finish your process in case it makes a difference there:

    When distilling anything less than 92-93% alcohol, the amount of water by volume
  13. Just to say so.....

    Holy wow on the new T5 light .. it is over 4x more output but damn!
    pics next time I do a full update... There is no substitute for horsepower...
    LED's tomorrow!

    Overall Grow!
  14. Dennise - No Longer The Newest Of Newbies - Not Growing In MG - Perpetual

    Quote Originally Posted by Dennise View Post
    OK 7 I will just post it up again... I think it will be easier than trying to find it in all this.......

    2 gallon Promix HP
    2 qt perlite
    1 cup compost
    1/4 cup yum-yum
    3 Tbsp step 1 (mycorrhizae)
    1.5 cups water

    Veg soil:
    6 gallon Promix HP
    1 gallon perlite
    3 qt worm castings
    6 cups compost
    3.5 cups yum-yum
    1 cup azomite
    2 Tbsp stop 1 (mycorrhizae)
  15. I am a newbie - Trying to get some help!

    I have a 4x4x6.5 grow tent in a 8x10 room that has a window and door will be closed. Im trying to figure out how to set my tent up cause I wanted to put the carbon filter outside the tent and also the inline 6inch fan....I have a 6 inch aircooled hood. Can someone please help me figure this out
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