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Thread: Inline fan question for grow tent

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    Question Inline fan question for grow tent

    i just got a new grow tent 39x39x79 with a 600 watt cool tube and a 6 inch inline fan, no carbon filter. i had the fan connected to the light sucking the air out of the tent and my temps were rising. then i turned the fan around to where it is now blowing air in and temps are staying around 81. which way is the correct way for the inline fan to go? and if blowing air in is wrong then how do i fix it from overheating sucking the air out?

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    re: Inline fan question for grow tent

    When you exhaust the heat from the light/tent you need to be sure it has somewhere to go.

    One cannot simply exhaust heat from a grow tent into the bedroom a grow tent is in and expect good temperatures. Get the heat outside, in the heater vents or the attic. As far as possible so the heat doesn't re-enter your grow tent.

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    Re: Inline fan question for grow tent

    This is my 600 watt set up my fan pulls the air from my grow room which is near the top so it takes the hottest air and passively pulls in the air from the bottom but I mounted my fan strait to the hood.
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