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Thread: Fluorescent light question

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    Lightbulb Fluorescent light question

    Hi Everyone,
    I'm am in the planning stages of a grow room in my shed.
    I don't have all of the specs on the amount of space I will have when
    ready yet, but I am thinking about what lighting I should be using.
    The shed already has electricity in it near where I want to grow.
    I am wondering what kind of lighting I should use and I see fluorescent
    lights being mentioned online and I am confused about what kind of
    fluorescent lights are being talked about.
    I look online and I see fluorescent lights that look like they screw into
    regular lamps
    Is this the case?
    I'd like to use lamps similar to the one linked below
    So, that they're easy to adjust and move as I teak things.
    Am I correct that these bulbs will screw into a regular lamp?
    Has anyone used a similar setup? or seen ne online?
    Any advice on wattage for growth with bulbs like these?
    Thanks in advance in what is just one question of more to come.
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    Re: fluorescent light question

    Welcome to the grow forums akrazyrunner!:
    For starters, it's quite appartent that you need to do a lot of reading on growing before you start. If you had, you would already know that you can use those currly fluoros (compact fluoros). The packages say that they supply 40 watts of light (or what ever) but only use 13 watts of power (or what ever). Use the lower number and put in enough lights to give your self at least 50 watts per sq ft of grow room. Get a mix of "cool white", "soft white", and plant and aquarium bulbs, but I'm not sure if they make cfl's (compact fluoros) in plant and aquarium bulbs.
    Of course HID lights are more effective, but if your budget can't afford them, you do what you got to do. I also grow in an out door shed using tube fluoros. At this time of the year, you're gonna have to provide heat, and make sure you sanitize your grow area well w/a strong bleach solution before you start your grow. Please read and educate yorself before you start your grow. If you'd like, I can provide some good links to some great reads.

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    Re: fluorescent light question

    Quote Originally Posted by andrew199@fro
    so no need for serious ventilation if ya get my drift?

    Now this isn't the best way to do it. Ventilation is as, if not more important, than the actual light. Serious ventilation is a must for all growers or else your shorting yourself yield in the end.