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Thread: I desperatly need help with my setup

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    I desperatly need help with my setup

    hi , i am an amature grower and i have a shitty setup , but i have a good room 2meters wide and 3 meters long , and i need help building a new setup and i dont know what to do and how :( so can any of you pro growers out there please help me get my grow room up and running.

    my current setup is

    2x 400w lamps
    10x plants 8x k-2 1x northern lights 1x
    some chains for the lamps
    pots for the plants , nutes , and this thing to move the air around , cant remember the english word for it.
    and a nice window but it wuld be better if airflow could go into the apartment rather than out the window

    i feel super stupid over needing help with this so please be gentle.

    and i cant load my stupid pics :(
    if anyone can give me personal help ,. and please all you pro guys , help me here on . thanks
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    Re: i desperatly need help with my setup

    i once grew in an apartment and there was ductwork in the cieling in the bathroom i attached a blower to some adjustable tubing and linked it right into the apartment duct system, the smell filtered out the grow room through ther top of the building so there was no way of finding me out by the smell coming out my window. you sound like you have most of what you need....just worry bout smell escaping....just remember keep it simple.....the plant will grow without the nutes and all that....personally i like to keep it all organic, ive watched new growers trying to use nutes and it ruins a perfectly fine plant cuz some dude at a store recommendd using a chemical to make more buds lol