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Thread: How Do I build a grow Room in my basement?

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    Question How Do I build a grow Room in my basement?

    I'm a medical marijuana patient in RI and I just decided that I want to grow my own medicine and maybe some for other patients as well. I own my own home and I have an unfinished basement (it's finished as far as being a concrete basement but it has no rooms etc and is full of junk we have stored over the years.

    What I'm looking for is a place that has free or low cost plans on how a novice can go about building a new room in my basement for growing marijuana. I am a complete novice when it comes to building and I have never actually grown my own before.

    So I guess what i'm aksing here is the following:

    1: What would I need to build a room in my basement? What supplies, tools etc would I need?

    2: What is the best way to grow? Ebb & Flow Hydroponics, soil where I water/feed etc every day?

    3: What are some good products to buy for growing? So many differtent companies produce lights, grow systems and other growing products that I get confused as to what I should buy to get started.

    4: Where is the best place to get good quality seeds?

    5: Anything else I might need?

    I already own a couple of books written by Jorge Cervantes, but I'm hesitant to start because I don't want to screw anything up and waste money I really don't have to waste.

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    Re: How Do I build a grow Room in my basement?

    Go to Youtube and look up "Mr Green" and watch the video series might take you 45 minutes.
    He takes an average basement and splits it into 2 rooms using 6mil black and white poly.
    Its one of the simplest ways to "Split" a room and create a grow space.
    Using that idea you can create any size room you want in your basement for almost nothing! (few 2x4's and some plastic and staples) has great genetics from all the top breeders I have purchased from them and received everything as I should no problems.
    I personally am going soil as I haven't grown for years and soil is a little more forgiving on a first timer than Hydro can be although Hydro is very doable if you can be there daily to check PH etc.
    Lumatek is a good lighting company they make electronic ballasts. CAN fan, Active Air, Vortex are a few good fan makers to vent your area
    Anything else you might need, just this site! People here are very helpful and will walk you through almost anything!

    I'm sure I missed a couple things but I hoped this was helpful, I know what you mean it can get overwhelming just take it slow and plan it out is the best advice i can give. Good luck bud!