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Thread: Ventilation question

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    Ventilation question

    so how would one go about setting up the ventilation on a growlab 120 from using a Can Fan 4" Centrifugal Fan 142 cfm with a Can-Filter 9000 - 25" Carbon Filter.

    I would like to only use one fan if possible, if it is completely needed a smaller 4" Centrifugal Fan about 80 cfm could be added

    any diagrams of your ventilation setups??


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    Re: ventilation question

    In my smaller tent I went airfilter to reflector to other reflector to fan to outside the tent. Air was obviously pulled by the fan rather than pushed. Filter was inside the tent. If you go through my journals (in sig) you should see some pics of the setup.

    Some people push through the filter. I think it works fine either way.

    Now in my larger tent with more lights I run a somewhat closed circuit vent setup for my lights. Air is pulled from the outside through the lights then blown back outside. and use a second fan just for pulling air through the carbon filter and exhausting it out the tent.