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Thread: Best Way to Hang Inline Fan 4 Vented Hoods?

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    Best Way to Hang Inline Fan 4 Vented Hoods?

    Hey Folks,
    I am putting the finishing touches on some significant upgrades to the setup. I upgraded to 1000W Lumas from the 600W Lumas and because of the extra heat went with Vented hoods.

    I am going to do the closed loop system of bringing air in to cool the lights and push the air directly out to avoid any stink from leaking out.

    With that being said I have 6" vented hoods and a 6" Vortex fan...

    Question: What have people found is the best way to 'Hang' the inline fan for both quiet operation and ease/simplicity. I am assuming it should be hung in a non-rigid fashion to reduce noise but I have 9' ceilings so I wasn't sure what a safe effective way to hang it in a non-rigid way is? It needs to be able to move up and down a bit if I move the lights up or down.

    I was thinking Bungee cords but is that really safe?


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    Re: Best Way to Hang Inline Fan 4 Vented Hoods?

    If you use the thick industrial black rubber bungee cords you'll be ok. Also the fan does not have to move with the lights just allow enough duct work so the duct work does the moving.

    For sound I have been thinking of wrapping my fans in dynomat to help quiet them down as well as incorporate some duct mufflers.