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Thread: Oil/Bud Ratio

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    Oil/Bud Ratio

    Im looking to make some brownies again. i haven't made them in quite a long time now and i dont remember exactly the bud to oil ratio. does anyone know how much bud i need for a whole bottle of oil (24 fl oz.) or even a cup of oil.

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    Re: Oil/Bud Ratio

    i usually go with 1/2 oz per cup of oil and i've had nothing but fantastic experiences with it. So for 24 oz of oil i'd shoot for 1 1/2 oz, you'd probably be fine with just an ounce, if it's decent bud. i like my edibles fuckin' out of your mind psychedelic stare at the sky for thirty minutes intense so you might want to experiment and do some research of your own, figure out what type of brownie experience you want to have, haha..