Hey guys I've been using this recipe for a while and Id thought it would be nice to share it. I always use Hash oil when making edibles to ensure they are potent. This Recipe makes a small batch of regular size cupcakes. Its 6 cupcakes in the pan I use. You can do mini cupcakes with this recipe to make these edibles a lower strength.

1/2 CUP - Sugar
1/4 CUP - Extra virgin coconut oil
1 TSP - Vanilla
3/4 CUP - Flour
1 TSP - Baking powder
1/4 CUP - Milk

This will make plain flavor cupcakes. To make chocolate cupcakes add 2TBS of sugar and 4TBS of cocoa powder to dry mix before adding to wet mix.

Start off by preheating your oven to 250F. I cook at a low temp to ensure that you don't accidentally burn on any compounds in your hash oil.

Next you take the Oil heat it up on the stove. Lowest setting will work fine. I melt the oil then add my hash oil. Generally I use QWISO that I make. I use 6grams normally. Sometimes more..

After getting the hash oil mixed into the coconut oil well You will add the Oil to the Sugar and mix well. Then add Vanilla, again mix well.

Next Mix up the flour and baking powder and add the wet mix to that. mix in and start to add milk while mixing in. It should thicken up a lot as the coconut oil cools. Once mixed put into Cupcakes pan. DO NOT USE CUPCAKE PAPERS. I've tested this and it seems that the papers absorb some oil or thc making your edibles seem a lot weaker.

To prepare the cupcake pan just put clarified butter and flour in place of the cupcake papers. The clarified butter wont burn like regular butter.

Bake at 250 for 30-35min and check cupcakes with a toothpick. If the tookpick doesn't pull out sorta clean cook for another 5min. Remember that every oven is different. Cook time could be slower or faster on your oven. Just be prepared for that..

You can top with icing after they are done baking. I don't like the sweetness of icing so I avoid it. You can also add dried coconut to the top to make them look fancy and add a lot of flavor.

Enjoy. Let me know if you guys try this recipe!