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Thread: Cannabis Tinctures - Marijuana in Liquid Form

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    Cannabis Tinctures - Marijuana in Liquid Form

    THC, the main psychoactive chemical of Cannabis, breaks down well in fats and oils, but it is also soluble in alcohol so a variety of Cannabis drinks can be made.

    WARNING Note that excessive oral consumption of Cannabis in any form, be it food or tinctures, can have nasty short-term psychological side effects, such as panic attacks, and may spark dormant longer-term issues such as paranoid schizophrenia. Ingested Cannabis is often more hallucinogenic than the smoke, as THC, one of the active chemicals in Cannabis, is more efficiently assimilated if it has been dissolved in fats or alcohol.


    One way to make a drinkable form of Cannabis is to infuse it in a strong spirit to create a tincture (Marijuana in liquid form). Tinctures tend to taste bitter so a reasonably sweet drink with a high percentage of alcohol is recommended, such as fruit schnapps. Try 1 part Cannabis to 3-5 parts alcohol, or follow the recipe below.


    ¾ oz/22g Marijuana leaves and/or flowers (or resin, if that’s all you have)
    3fl oz/90ml alcohol (brandy, flavored schnapps or similar – 40 to 70% proof minimum)


    1. The Cannabis is ground down to make a powder. Grass is better than resin because it tends to be purer, and therefore it is easier to filter out the solid bits that remain after extraction.

    2. The Cannabis powder is soaked overnight in warm water. This removes any water-soluble impurities but not any of that precious THC.

    3. The excess water is drained off and the Cannabis placed in an airtight jar. The alcohol is poured over.

    4. The mixture is kept in a cool, dark place for about 10 days and shaken daily. Then it is filtered through a strainer or, if resin has been used, a coffee filter, to avoid the, now inert, bits getting into the final drink. The filtering process should be repeated at least once – the more it is filtered, the more the tincture will be improved and strengthened.

    5. The green/brown colored tincture shuld be stored somewhere dark and cold. Most of the THC will have been absorbed within a week, but connoisseurs tend to leave it for a year or more.

    6. The Cannabis tincture can be enjoyed neat or dissolved in a drink or in food.

    Source: The Cannabis Cookbook
    Over 35 Tasty recipes for Meals, Munchies and More!
    by Jim Pilcher

    Buy The Cannabis Cookbook at The Cannabis Cookbook: Over 35 Tasty Recipes for Meals, Munchies, and More: Tim Pilcher: Books
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    Re: Cannabis Tinctures - Marijuana in Liquid Form

    Interesting! Thanks.

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    Re: Cannabis Tinctures - Marijuana in Liquid Form

    You can substitute vegetable oil but it takes a much longer time, i dont know about the coffee creamer...
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