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I got the vision seeds northern lights and white widow auto. I think they said 8-9 weeks. But that's with a perfect environment their whole life lol. I have some bag seeds going right now and they are in flower and doing amazing. Those were more like "let's see if these grow" type thing. I just ordered the autos just to try autos. But like YOU said I'm probably going to stick with photo fem as well since I like doing a bit of lst and I can veg for longer. My autos have been doing 20/4 (20 on and 4 off) since they were about 2wks above soil. I might switch them to 18/6 but not sure yet. I've read where some people like using 18/6 or 20/4 light on autos. But mine seem to be loving 20 on 4 off.
If I wasn't gonna be away for 6 days in early July I would have vegged mine longer, but with nobody to care for my garden there was no way I could have went more than 5 weeks veg on my bag seed plants so I flipped em and left these slow going autos in there to do whatever they'll do by the end of June then chop chop. I'm not going to buy any more auto seeds, I'll go back to photo plants in Sept for the next run. Will definitely be vegging nearly twice as long next time too because I'll be able to be home everyday to keep em happy!