Hey all

Just finished growing a Haze extreme. Its a reg seed and I only popped one and got a female so lucky me. I eventually potted up over 4 months (2 months veg) to a 5 gallon pot. I'd say it needed a 7 gallon for max yield as it was pretty root bound at the end. It was a super resilient plant. My ph was all over the shop early on and had other strains growing at the same time looking pretty rough but the haze always looked happy and kept growing. I yielded about 3.5 OZ from 1 plant in 4 months in promix using flora trio nutes and LED lights. The smoke is pretty good tasting and very very strong high so all in all I'm happy and plan to grow it again.

Also I cloned 4 plants off it and got 100% success for my first time cloning. Just stim root into solo cups with promix and I sprayed the leaves with water every other day for a week. I had to flip the clones/everything to 12/12 a few days after they started to grow again because I only have the one space so yield not there on those.

I have a max height of 5 feet and its a sativa so I topped a few times during veg and did a little LST to spread it out cuz of the sativa stretch.