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Thread: Help please with DWC

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    Help please with DWC

    Hello there i have a 60 days lemon in dwc of 12 lt running for 2 weeks. I use tap water and i just started the AN grow program, with 10 ml Sensi Grow A + B, 5 ml Voodo Juice, 5 ml Piranha, 5 ml Tarantula and 5 ml B52 in a 12 lt reservoir. My temps and humidity are in the normal range, the water temp is around 22 -23 celcius and ph ranges from 6.2 to 7 which i control it with ph down. On Sunday I started the feeding program i mention above at those ratios and yesterday i saw change in the colour of the roots. Pls any help will be appreciated, here are some photos, the top of the plant looks gr8. Also i didn't notice any weird smells just those of the AN nutrient, especially the B52. Thnx a lot. Can't upload photos.

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    re: Help please with DWC

    Here's the link to our photo guide - Photo Gallery Guide - How to Resize, Upload & Post Photos

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    re: Help please with DWC

    In my opinion your ph is too high. Should be 5.5-6 in hydro system

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    Re: Help please with DWC

    First let me start with a tiny nudge. Look at my credentials. Not to brag, but I know a little about AN and dwc. Everything I am about to tell you is in my journal linked below, The Roost. The test, the data, and the conclusions are all there if you choose to read them.

    Ok, so long story short. The color of the roots is most likely due to the B52. Brown, kind of clinging to the roots, no smell though ? Wipes off easily with slight finger pressure ? Don't worry about it. What you should worry about is your reservoir temperatures. 22-23C is inviting root rot. You need beneficial bacteria in your reservoir. You can achieve this with some commercial products. My favorite, tried and true is Hydroguard. Although I've been known to use Sensizym and/or Z7 also. Treat every gallon of water you put in your reservoir with this beneficial bacteria. Every Gallon.

    If you will get that taken care of, try to lower your reservoir temps, and here is an important one.......quit adjusting pH, you'll have a fine grow.

    Yep, I said do not adjust pH with AN pH Perfect products. I've got six or seven weeks of daily pH checks with out ever adjusting and no problems. Tap water with a beginning ppm ~150. It'll range from 6.2 to 6.5ish normally. Your 7pH is a rebound up from the adjusting.

    If I can help or explain more feel free to nudge me. There are also several charts in my blog entries specific to dwc that you might find helpful.
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