I'm on my 2nd grow, and 2nd grow of this strain.

This grow has been without incident. RDWC, temps great, never a nute burn or problem. No ph issues.

I used BPN 2 part with Advanced Nutrients B52 and Humboldt Ginormous during bloom phase, along with hygrozyme and cal mag for my ro water.

I dont smoke myself, and this is for treatment of my mother and her ailments.

So I clipped a lower bud yesterday and asked a friend to qwik dry and try for me and let me know. He's used to high quality. He knew it's not ready and didnt expect it to be up there, but did expect something. He basically told me he couldnt hardly feel a thing off it.

The idea was to let me know so I could compare to trich colors and project chop.

So why the hell is it so damn weak?

The following are pic of a snipet of the same bud I gave him.