Thanks for the replies. I feel better about things now. They look great to me and I am very excited about the next few months and will keep you updated on how things are progressing. I had a guy tell me that by 3 weeks after cutting, clones should be 12" tall and if they're not something is wrong. I think he's maybe a little full of poo. I've always done pretty well with regular house plants and such so I felt pretty confident with this endevor, but I'm having to try real hard not to over think things. I try not to stare at them too much but they really make me smile when I do. I can see some significant growth the last few days so I think their root system has caught up and they should grow pretty fast now anyway. I did think of another question though. If I have them under 24 hours of light now, is it going to shock them in any way or cause them to start to flower if I just left them outside in the natural light cycle and quit bringing them in at night under the fl's? I'm in California.