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Thread: RangerDanger's "Possibly amusing story"

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    RangerDanger's "Possibly amusing story"

    One of the great stories by our good friend RangerDanger. Enjoy!

    Possibly Amusing Story

    It was 1967 (the Summer Of Love) and me and a friend took the bus to downtown L.A. with a coupla joints and some bread crusts for the ducks.
    We went to MacArthur Park. There's a small lake there and we rented an electric boat to smoke out in the only safe place we could think of (back then smoking pot was a xserious crime), the middle of the lake.
    So we motor out to the middle and fire one up.
    We weren't paying attention and the boat had drifted close to shore where we were spotted (and smelled) by a cop walking his beat in the park.
    "Hey" he yells. We wave and say "Hey" back and motored back out to the middle to continue our smoke session.

    The cop calls a friend and they sprint to the boat house and get in a boat and set out after us.
    Now these boats had a top speed of like 5 MPH. It was a snap to keep away from the cops. They followed us around the lake for about 10 minutes, us puffing furiously the entire time, getting rid of the evidence. They ordered us to stop and we did--I knew they couldn't get from they're tiny little boat into ours (the boats were big enough for 2 people).
    We knew the cops wouldn't get in the water (the lake is only like 3'--4' deep) cause they didn't want to get their bullets wet. So there was nothing they could do. They talked about it for a few minutes while we continued to blaze our weed.
    About the time a couple of other cops show up in another boat we had smoked the joints down to tiny roaches. They ordred us to return to the boathouse and we did, taking the long way around, followed by 2 boats and 4 cops. Just before we got there we tossed the 2 roaches into the water where they were immediently gobbled up by ducks.
    Completely clean but with a beautiful buzz we dock and get out. There were 2 more cops there waiting for us.
    We got throughly searched and they threatened to arrest us, but a sergeant showed up and he asked the cops "did you order them to stop?"
    The cops said yeah and the sergeant asks if we did stop and they admitted we had.
    Anyway they decieded that they couldn't arrest us for anything though we were obvious stoned (my friend had blue eyes and his eyes looked like the American flag, red,white and blue).
    One cop said we were probably anti-war commies (back in '67 anyone who had long hair was labeled a communist) and I said "look at Bruce's eyes--they're the color of the American flag!"
    Bruce says "Yeah, we're very patriotic. We're so patriotic we'll go a a ball game and stand up for the entire game."
    So they let us go and as they leave one cop looks us up and down. We looked like Cheech and Chong--long hair, beards, love beads, etc.
    He says "Man you know this place is going down hill when their type move in" but he had kinda a smile on his face.
    We hung out at the park a bit longer, feeding the ducks bread crusts and then took the bus home.
    __________________________________________________ _______________

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    Re: RangerDanger's "Possibly amusing story"

    Lol! That was good! Thank you for the good laugh!
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    Re: RangerDanger's "Possibly amusing story"

    Wow that sounds intense, I'm glad you got away with that one haha

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    Re: RangerDanger's "Possibly amusing story"

    RIP Ranger Danger

    Legendary storyteller, we miss you

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    Re: RangerDanger's "Possibly amusing story"

    those cops need to do a coarse in fighting
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