Azerbaijan, Baku - According to Azerbaijani Interior Ministry, 5,300 hemp bushes weighting 830kg were found growing nearby the bank of the Kur River in the Bichagchi settlement of Zardab region located 200km south-west of Baku. The hemp was burnt.

In 2008, interior bodies have removed from illegal turnover 181kg of drugs (2.5 times more as compared to the same period of 2007). A total of 41.5kg (2.7 times more than in the same period of last year) was removed when attempting to import the drugs into the country.

Out of 400 people who were made answerable due to drug trafficking, 367 (91.8%) were illegal and not studying, 101 (25.3%) recidivists, 7 (1.8%) women and 1 (0.3%) teenager.

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