LINCOLN -- The Nebraska Legislature may take another look at legalizing
the growing of industrial hemp a year after time ran out on a similar

Sen. Ed Schrock of Elm Creek, who introduced Legislative Bill 273
Friday, said the bill was a copy of last year's, which was approved by
the Agriculture Committee but failed to be adopted by the Legislature.

"There's no urgency on it because it's against (U.S. Drug Enforcement
Administration) regulations," Schrock said, referring to the ban by the
federal agency on the production of industrial hemp.

Schrock said members of this year's Agriculture Committee, except for
one who was ill, co-sponsored the bill.

Despite the strong showing of support, Schrock said he expects some
opposition in and out of the Legislature.

"I personally think most of that opposition will come from people who
are not well informed," he said.

Passage of the bill would provide Nebraska with another cash crop,
Schrock said. Three states - Minnesota, North Dakota and Hawaii - have
adopted similar laws, Schrock said.

Schrock said that, unlike its widely known cousin, marijuana, industrial
hemp cannot be used as a narcotic. (END)



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