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Thread: 'Marijuana Mart' Could Open In Mountlake Terrace

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    'Marijuana Mart' Could Open In Mountlake Terrace

    Although medical marijuana has been legal for more than a decade, patients say they still have big problems getting it.

    Now two men want to give Mountlake Terrace what you might call a "marijuana mart."

    The business is called BUDS - Botanical Urban Dispensary Service. And inside, co-owner Todd Madison is ready to serve one of several varieties of marijuana.

    "Each has its own effect. This might be better for pain. This might help you sleep better than this will," he said.

    Madison and business partner Aaron Panagos are trying to establish a brick and mortar business that sells marijuana to patients who provide a doctor's authorization.

    "That's the whole point. We don't want to it to be in some dark alley. We want to help people and run it officially," Panagos said.

    Since the state legalized medical marijuana 11 years ago, there's still no reliable system for obtaining it.

    Patients must grow it themselves or buy it from sometimes sketchy sources.

    BUDS co-owner Todd Madison is ready to serve one of several varieties of marijuana.

    BUDS recently obtained a state business license, but yesterday Mountlake Terrace denied a city license, saying the law does not allow for a storefront marijuana dispensary.

    BUDS' owners argue that since they are medical marijuana patients themselves, they can carry and sell the drug legally.

    Is Mountlake Terrace ready for its first marijuana merchant? Reactions are mixed.

    "Oh my God - I don't think so," said one person.

    "As far as marijuana - if it helps some people they should make it work," said another.

    Today BUDS' owners said they think the law is on their side. They want to pay taxes and be responsible business owners.

    They plan to appeal the city's decision denying them a business license.

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    Re: 'Marijuana Mart' Could Open In Mountlake Terrace

    Where's Mount Lake Terrace?

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    Re: 'Marijuana Mart' Could Open In Mountlake Terrace

    Washington state. Somebodies got big balls to try and openly advertise opening a dispensary in
    They're still illegal here and we can't seem to get the legislature to do anything about it.

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    Re: 'Marijuana Mart' Could Open In Mountlake Terrace

    more M'Fn power to them! As far as I am concerned as a med. patiant, its time some one stepped up to the plate and challanged the laws we have voted for in Washington. Even though I can't honestly say that I would do the same even if i was not in the position that I am in society, I respect and envy the attempt at going head to head with the laws in our state that fail to give us safe acsess to our medicine. I choose to participate in the early development of such things, my forte' happens to be in raising children, not sending them off to market. But with all jokes aside, we as washington medical patiants, need to do whatever we can in the fight for safe acsess to our meds. Our laws have been accepted, enforced, and even modified by politicians and Police Departments that have no real Scientific/medical evidance/basis to support the laws they enforce upon us daily. Our efforts, no matter how big or small, could help hinge things in a direction that will potentially be dictated by scientific/medical proof Vs. political/public opinion. We, as Washington State citizens, need to mold our laws into more definable defined by the needs of our states medical patiants and their Doctors, not law enforcement or politicians. Do us all a favor and wish theese guys a warm welcome and all the the luck of the gods to push this through.
    peace out!