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Thread: New Push to Legalize Medical Marijuana in Indiana

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    New Push to Legalize Medical Marijuana in Indiana

    INDIANA - There's a new movement to legalize medical marijuana in Indiana.

    A lobbyist for the organization called Re-Legalize Indiana filed the paperwork to create a political action committee Monday morning.

    Bill Levin wants a ban on the cultivation of marijuana to be repealed.

    He said he has support from Republicans and Democrats.

    “We need legislation to pass, we need, we need doctors, we need farmers, we need the whole state to get together. We're putting the package together,” said Levin.

    Re-Legalize Indiana created a Facebook page three weeks ago and has almost 10,000 followers.

    Thirteen states currently permit the use of marijuana for medical purposes.


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    Website:New push to legalize medical marijuana in Indiana
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    Re: New Push to Legalize Medical Marijuana in Indiana

    Mr. Levin indicates that he has support of Republicans and Democrats, yet his own Facebook page readily admits that he has NO support from elected officials. Having seen both the recent television segment and his Facebook page, I will tell you that Mr. Levin's efforts seriously hurt rather than help the situation in Indiana. The Facebook page and Mr. Levin's comments on the local news station only reinforce the prohibitionists idea that marijuana users are a bunch of brain damaged losers.

    While appearances should not matter, the reality is that appearances absolutely DO matter. I suppose Mr. Levin imagines that his appearance is artsy or eclectic, but to the middle-America, white-bread voters of Indiana, he looks like someone who lacks the common sense to even comb his hair before appearing on a leading local news station. This last statement is not conjecture. I have received multiple calls from concerned family and friends asking if I know this "clown" (the most charitable description I can use). To paraphrase Dean Wermer from the movie "Animal House"; "Sloppy, stoned, and stupid is no way to make a point". Thankfully, the local television station has buried the story on their website so that, hopefully, fewer people see this aspiring "lobbiest" (his spelling).

    Mr. Levin's comments on the website of the television station which aired the segment only further illustrate his total lack of knowledge about the situation we face here in Indiana. He indicates that "they" have efforts for a hemp-based bio fuel plant in New Castle. Is he unaware that a similar request for a corn-based ethanol facility was recently denied by the zoning board/commissioners of Henry county? How likely is it that a hemp-based plant would be approved? He further states his "plan" for a "biggest, best bud" contest at the state fair which he imagines would be sponsored by Eli Lilly and that Lilly would pay $10,000 to the winner. Is he unaware that Lilly manufactures Marinol and spends millions of dollars lobbying our representatives to oppose any legalization efforts? There are several more errors, but I am too disgusted to continue.

    I urge all concerned Indiana residents to throw their support behind NORML, IN-NORML, MPP, SAFER, and any of the other established pro-legalization movements and to avoid any connection with Re-legalize Indiana and their misguided efforts.