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Thread: D.C. Police Raid Capitol Hemp In Adams Morgan, Chinatown

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    D.C. Police Raid Capitol Hemp In Adams Morgan, Chinatown

    Shortly before 7 p.m. last night, the Metropolitan Police Department raided Capitol Hemp locations in Adams Morgan and Chinatown simultaneously. Seven people were arrested, including one customer, on charges of possession of drug paraphernalia. Three of the seven were also charged with drug possession with intent to distribute. As of earlier this afternoon, according to Adam Eidinger, an owner of the stores, five of the seven had been released from jail.

    Eidinger, who is known for his outspoken liberal views, is meeting with lawyers this afternoon to establish a plan of action against what he believes was an "unjust" and "political" raid. He wouldn't say for the record what the political reason for the arrests might be. Police seized $3,000 worth of inventory including tobacco paraphernalia and computers in the stores.

    MPD spokesman Araz Alali says the arrests were part of an ongoing investigation, and wouldn't answer questions about why Capitol Hemp was raided and other hemp stores weren't. Police had warrants to search the locations, Alali says.

    The blitz has caused both stores to be shut down today, but Eidinger claims both locations will be open tomorrow and resume regular store hours.

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    Re: D.C. Police Raid Capitol Hemp In Adams Morgan, Chinatown

    The law enforcement community cannot stand that we the people are finally passing laws that suit us (majority of citizens ).
    Mostly it's the local fuzz & the feds, but the disdain goes throughout the legal system. Even my state attorney general hates it.
    Too bad Billy, the People have spoken. You are not in the right on this .
    I can't wait to vote him out of office.
    Everything i say is heresay and probably a lie!