Natural Herbal Remedies, a medical marijuana dispensary, is set to open its doors on Monday, July 15, in the old Pow Wow Trading Post building located on the southeast corner of Florida Street and Navajo Blvd in Holbrook.

The dispensary’s supervising agent is Sheelah Golliglee and the dispensary agents will be Jay and Jackie McKinley, who will operate the facility in Holbrook.

The dispensary will serve individuals who have already obtained a medical marijuana card from their physician. It will also be used as a training facility for physicians interested in learning the varieties of marijuana and their individual properties depending upon the illness being treated.

“We’ve studied this extensively and we intend to have doctors come to our facility to become educated on how medical marijuana can benefit their patients with cancer, glaucoma, muscular dystrophy and other illnesses,” explained Golliglee.

The building in which the dispensary is housed in has been almost completely restored, and Golliglee intends to restore the building and its 60’ sign to their original state. “It’s been quite a challenge finding someone who can repair that sign, but I think we’ve figured it out. The signage for the business itself is still coming,” she added. There are no specific sign requirements for a medical marijuana dispensary in Holbrook, just the code that is already in place for all businesses.

Golliglee also noted that there are display cases in the waiting room of the dispensary, and that she welcomes local Native American artists to display their work for sale within the cases. “There would be no consignment charge or profit on our end; just an opportunity for local artists to sell their merchandise,” she said.

Golliglee said she looks forward to offering support to the community and intends to provide assistance to organizations such as the Horsehead Crossing Historic District preservation group. “We are 100 percent about helping the town,” she said.

Once the dispensary opens, security measures will be in place in compliance with state regulations and no marijuana will be cultivated at the dispensary site. Individuals will not be able to obtain a medical marijuana card at the facility, but they will be provided information on the medicinal benefits of the product and given information on how a card may be obtained through a physician.

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