Missouri - Chris Mizanskey wants to know why his father will die in jail for a marijuana possession offense. Jeff Mizanskey is serving a sentence of life without parole for possession of five pounds of marijuana. He's a victim of Missouri's three strike rule, which means that you can get life without parole for your third felony. That's true even in a case like Mizanskey's, a man who had never served jail time before, never had any violence on his record, and had no criminal record besides the three pot possession charges.

Missouri's law is unusually harsh in that it applies the three strike rule to any drug charges, without any exacerbating factors. Other states require violence or another aggravating circumstance before locking someone up for a lifetime. Mizanskey's son Chris is petitioning Missouri Governor Jay Nixon to grant his dad clemency. Chris hopes to get enough people to write letters to Nixon that he will have to pay attention to the case. "I think twenty years is more than enough," Chris told the Riverfront Times. "My dad never hurt anybody. He never killed anybody. He made some mistakes, but he's paid more than enough."

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