Colorado - Pueblo County issued its second recreational marijuana license on Wednesday. Commissioners approved licenses for The Greener Side, which has dispensaries at Stem Beach and in Pueblo West. Owner Hank Borunda said he’s transitioning both of his medical marijuana dispensaries to the new retail market. His Stem Beach location will sell retail pot starting Jan. 1, but the Pueblo West business won’t sell recreational pot until mid-January, due to a delay at the state.

“This is history here,” Borunda told the commissioners. “It’s crazy. It’s cool and nerve-racking. Everything has come together great. The way you’ve embraced this legalization is awesome.” Commissioner Sal Pace, who has led the county’s regulatory efforts, peppered Borunda with questions and warned him of Pueblo’s “robust” regulations. Pace also questioned Borunda about his experience with the state’s licensing process and his knowledge of the new training requirements of the Marijuana Information Tracking System, or MITS, as it’s called. The system assigned bar codes to all plants and tracks marijuana sales through the state. “It wasn’t too bad. (The state) has a lot of things going on and I wish they would’ve done MITS a long time ago,” Borunda said.

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