Cathedral City -- Nearly three decades after she started using marijuana following a stroke, Patty Thomas said she still relies on the drug for relief. Thomas of Palm Springs described how marijuana provides refuge from pain associated with her lupus, a chronic inflammatory disease of the skin, joints, blood and kidneys.
"Yeah, it gets me high," Thomas told about 40 other people Sunday during a pro-marijuana rally in Cathedral City. "It makes me forget about my pain and I can get on with my life."

Thomas and the others gathered at the Cathedral City Library showed up to hear from cannabis activist and former gubernatorial candidate Dennis Peron, but they also shared their own stories about the value of the drug in their lives.

Peron, who spoke with increasing passion throughout the event, urged the audience to join him in a crusade to lift restrictions on laws that regulate marijuana use for medicinal purposes.

"I’m not a lawyer, I’m not a doctor, I’m not a politician," Peron said of the roles he’s assumed during his lifelong campaign to loosen drug laws. "But I became all these," he added, imploring the audience to join him.

Source: Desert Sun, The (CA)
Author: Nelsy Rodriguez, The Desert Sun
Published: March 8th, 2004
Copyright: 2004 The Desert Sun