The ACLU, Marijuana Policy Project (MPP), and Drug Policy Alliance (DPA) filed an historic lawsuit against the Bush Administration and the Washington Metro Area Transit Authority for violating our First Amendment right to run marijuana law reform ads in public transit facilities.

As you may recall, our "Marijuana, Sex and Taxes" advertising campaign on 600 buses, train platforms and bus shelters last fall in Washington outraged right-wing, anti-drug law reform lawmakers, including Representative Ernest Istook (R-OK) who inserted censorship language into the massive federal spending bill. That bill was signed by President Bush and became law on February 2.

Change the Climate uses provocative transit and billboard ads to stimulate public debate about our country’s ineffective, dangerous and expensive marijuana laws. Conservative lawmakers in Washington – like the leaders of Troy taking in the Trojan Horse filled with Greek soldiers – took the bait and delivered us the opportunity to educate citizens about our wasteful marijuana laws. Thank you Representative Istook.