WATSON -- When a Lewis County couple went on vacation Memorial Day weekend, they didn't want to leave their house unattended.

But the two teens they hired had a bit more responsibility than to just watch the house and feed the dogs, police said.

Their chores also included watering the vast amount of marijuana plants and selling some to any visiting customers, state police said.

The case unfolded here in this Lewis County town when state and Lowville police raided the 8140 Petrie Road residence of Gerald A. Nagy Jr. and Constance A. Gibbs the night of Friday, May 28, police said.

But instead of finding the couple, police said they found house-sitters Michael J. Bruce and Chase A. Nagy, both 17 and of Brantingham. Bruce was found in possession of 4 grams of marijuana -- his payment for carrying out the weekend chores, police said.

Police said a search resulted in the discovery of:

* Two grow rooms in the basement containing 447 marijuana plants. Outside the residence were 11 more plants.

* 92 grams of processed marijuana.

* 16 plastic bags of marijuana seeds.

* Smoking devices and triple-beam scales.

When police obtained permission from neighbors to check the nearby woods, they said they found 110 more plants in two plots.

Gerald Nagy, 28, and Gibbs, 29, turned themselves in to authorities Wednesday and were charged with various counts of growing, possessing and selling marijuana in addition to endangering the welfare of a child because two children ages 4 an 7 live at the residence, police said.

The two teen house-sitters were charged with growing and possessing marijuana, police said.

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Published: Mon, Jun 7, 2004
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