A Roman Catholic priest has been arrested for allegedly growing marijuana in his church living quarters in Barberton, US.

The Rev Richard Arko, 40, was charged with illegal cultivation of marijuana.

Police said they found a marijuana growing system in a spare bedroom and confiscated about 35 potted marijuana plants ranging from 15cm to 1.2 metres tall, along with grow lights, electric transformers, air purifiers and instruction books for growing marijuana.

They also seized two small plastic bags of marijuana.

Arrested with the priest was Jensen Powell, 24, who police said also lived in the Prince of Peace Church rectory.

He was charged with trafficking in marijuana.

Powell is unemployed and has no affiliation with the church, about 13km south-west of Akron.

If convicted, each man faces six months to a year in jail and a $US2,500 ($3,221) fine.

Source: The Sydney Morning Herald.
Published: June 7
Copyright: 2004. The Sydney Morning Herald.
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