Two Jewish teenagers from West Bank settlements just outside Jerusalem were indicted Sunday in
the Jerusalem Magistrate's court for allegedly selling drugs to dozens of minors, in what police are calling one of the largest drug dealing operations uncovered in the West Bank, police announced Sunday.

The two suspects, Yair Koffman, 18, from the West Bank settlement of Neveh Daniel and a 17 year old minor from a nearby settlement, were arrested last week following a six week undercover police investigation.

A court gag order which had been in place on the case was lifted Sunday with their indictments.
During his police interrogation, Koffman confessed to carrying out 120 drug deals over the last two months with teenagers in the Gush Etzion settlement bloc as well as in Jerusalem, using a total of 25 kilos of marijuana, police said.

A search of his home in Neveh Daniel revealed dozens of grams of marijuana, divided in small doses, while an additional 600 grams of marijuana were found in a nearby hideaway. In all, one kilo of the drug was found in his possession, police said.

Koffman was remanded in custody for nine days Sunday, while the minor was ordered held until Tuesday, police said.

"We're talking about observant teens who come from
good families whose parents took this very hard,"
Assaf Tzioni, head of the West Bank police juvenile division, said.

The police probe revealed that the two teens would buy dozens of kilograms of drugs from dealers in the south of Israel, divide the drugs into smaller portions and sell the portions to minors.

Suspected accomplices in the south of Israel are
currently under investigation. The two suspects had a previous criminal record for armed robbery in the Jerusalem area, police said.

Jerusalem Post
Jul. 11, 2004
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