Monica Ginn is a licensed ethnobotanist and a qualified medical marijuana
patient. She was also a qualified caregiver to a multiple sclerosis patient
when she notified state authorities that she possessed 25 small marijuana
plants. She told the arresting officers that she was qualified under the
law, but she was put in jail for many months. After over a year of legal
wrangling, months after her MS patient died, Monica's cases went to trial,
on Monday January 12th, 2004.

Following Jury Selection, Judge McFee heard arguments and testimony on the
use and cultivation of medical marijuana from medical experts, including a
medical scientist studying marijuana at the University of Washington. The
doctors, lawyers, and marijuana experts gave testimony on the most
important factors for determining medical marijuana patient use to satisfy
the court's demand for dosage information. Along with that huge amount of
data, the Judge was also treated to a very strong verbal confirmation of
Monica's medical authorization by her recommending physician. After an
entire afternoon of testimony, Judge McFee granted the state's request to
deny Monica the medical defense. The Judge clearly disregarded her doctor's
testimony. Judge McFee decided that his authority to limit Monica's defense
is superior to the recommendation of her doctor under a law enacted by the
people of Washington State. Judge McFee is, in effect, practicing medicine
without a license.

On January 13th, Tuesday morning at 9 AM, Monica Ginn will face a jury, but
if she mentions her medical condition, she could be held in contempt of
court. Without the medical defense, Monica will undoubtedly be convicted
unjustly. Although this ruling may be overthrown by a higher court, it is
likely that the patient will serve even more jail time for a crime she did
not commit.

A helpless woman suffering intractable pain needs your help. The
Prosecutor, Jack Jones, is asking for a school zone enhancement that will
definitely put Monica behind bars for up to two years! We must stop this
travesty. The entire medical marijuana movement in WA needs your help.
Please take the time to call, fax, and email the following drug warriors
and let them know what you think of their disrespect for our law. Let them
know what you think of their brutal attack on a defenseless cripple.

The Thurston County Prosecuting Attorney is named Edward Holm. The
Prosecutor who asked the judge to deny Monica's medical defense is Jack
Jones. Their telephone number is: 360-786-5540.

The Thurston County Superior Court Judge who denied the medical defense is
Judge McFee. His assistant is Trina. Her telephone number is: 360-786-5557.

After calling the authorities above, please take the time to relay the same
message to the following news reporters so this injustice is known
throughout The Evergreen State.

Seattle Times reporter
Carol Ostrom

Seattle Times reporter
Ian Ilith


Seattle Post-Intelligencer

Seattle Times

206/448-4525 FAX



There will be at least a small protest tomorrow at the Olympia Courthouse
at 2000 Lakeridge Drive SW in Olympia. (Directions: take I-5 to exit 104 -
101 North to Aberdeen. Go 1 half mile, take the first exist, Crosby, and
turn right at light. Take next right immediately following gas station on
corner. Follow signs to Courthouse, ahead, on left, then right into parking
area.) Parking is limited, but there is extensive shelter out of the rain
in front of the entrance to Building 2. The trial is in room 229 on second
floor of Building 2. Protesters are advised to stay out of the courthouse
where police might make arrests. Those who want to witness this sham of a
trial are welcome to take a seat in Judge McFee's courtroom. The roar of
silent rage should be deafening.

This is extremely short notice, so we are not expecting a big crowd, but
there will be at least some supporters, rain or shine. WE WILL NOT LET THIS