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Thread: Teen kills stepmother while high on Marijuana.

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    Teen kills stepmother while high on Marijuana.

    Just days before Alaska is to vote on a groundbreaking Marijuana initiative this happens. There is a remarkable similarity to what happened in Nevada in 2002, when -- mere days before a vote on the marijuana regulation measure there -- a spate of marijuana-linked traffic fatalities were exploited to scare Nevadans into voting against the initiative (which failed by a 39% to 61% margin)....KWT

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    The Article:

    Dozens of Service High students sought out counselors on hand at the school Friday after a student was charged with killing his stepmother and dumping her in a freezer while high on marijuana, officials said.

    Police, meanwhile, pushed ahead in their investigation, locating a teenager who had hung out with 16-year-old Colin Cotting around the time the boy's stepmother was killed.

    Police do not believe the 18-year-old was involved in the slaying. "He's being very cooperative," homicide Sgt. Scott Jessen said Friday afternoon. "Everybody that we've contacted is being cooperative with us." </STORYBODY>

    Cotting has been waived into adult court and he stands accused of first- and second-degree murder, assault, burglary, theft and tampering with physical evidence. He is being held at Anchorage Correctional Complex East in lieu of $250,000 cash-only bail.

    According to charging documents, Cotting's father returned home from a business trip Wednesday to find his house on Glenkerry Drive in disarray and his wife, Carol Cotting, missing. He called police, and a short time later found his wife dead in a small freezer in a recreation room, police said.

    Colin Cotting told police he and his stepmother got into a physical fight when she confronted him about being high on marijuana and at some point she fell down some stairs. He told detectives he "may" also have hit her with a bat, but couldn't remember clearly because he was "too stoned," the charges say.

    Police say Cotting took his stepmother's car after she was dead and drove around town for three days, visiting the mall and school. At one point, police pulled Cotting over as he drove around with two friends in the car.

    One of those friends was located Friday at the Dimond Center and agreed to talk to police, Jessen said. The interview lasted a couple of hours. Police do not have any evidence that anyone else was involved in the slaying, Jessen said afterward.

    "There's no surprises coming out of this interview," he said. "We're just doing background."

    Carol Cotting, 42, was only partially dressed when she was found in the freezer. Colin Cotting told police he did not sexually assault her, charges say. Her still-frozen body was taken to the Alaska Medical Examiner's office, where staff often deal with cold-associated deaths.

    Thawing a frozen body to best preserve tissues for forensic examination requires careful monitoring, the state's chief medical examiner, Dr. Franc Fallico, said Friday.

    Cotting's body has been placed in a refrigerator where bodies are normally stored and it is defrosting slowly, Fallico said. No autopsy will be conducted until thawing is complete, which is expected early next week, he said. Until then, Fallico won't be able to determine the cause of death or if Cotting was sexually assaulted.

    Attempts to reach Colin Cotting's family Friday were unsuccessful. "They're all very upset," Jessen said.

    Eighty to 90 Service High students and a few staff members sought out the help of counselors Friday at the school, according to Anchorage School District spokesman Roger Fiedler.

    Service has one psychologist and four counselors on staff and three additional counselors were brought to help them, Fiedler said. Some teachers also talked to their classes about what happened, he said. "The kids were very supportive of one another," Fiedler said. "The counselor and the principal are going to be following up with each of the students and their parents."

    Anchorage Daily News

    (Published: October 23, 2004)
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