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Thread: UK: Cannabis Could Be Growing Wild Across Devon, Say Police

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    UK: Cannabis Could Be Growing Wild Across Devon, Say Police

    Police say wild crops of cannabis could be growing in fields across Devon after they found a second plantation within seven days.

    A week ago police found cannabis growing in a field in Tamerton, to the north of Plymouth, and have now found another east of the city in Plympton.

    Pc Greg Rendle, neighborhood beat manager for Plympton, revealed he and a group of Special Constables ripped up more than 20 cannabis plants growing in a field of Plympton Hill, reports plymouthherald.

    He said: "We got a call from a member of the public at around 11am today who explained what they'd found.

    "It was quite off the beaten track, about half a mile off the main road, so it was well hidden. We had some Specials from Crownhill police station attending a rural engagement day around the Plympton area so I thought 'well, this job's rural, they can come and help me'."

    Working together they pulled up and bagged around 25 plants. Pc Rendle said: "They were relatively mature, around two foot to two-and-a-half feet high.

    "They were growing in an area full of stinging nettles and I've since learned, having done some research, that growing alongside nettles is a good habitat for them.

    "For a start it's not as easy to see them. I did leave a small police sticker behind for the owner – it had a smiley face on. I think I've only ever found four outdoor grows like this in 18 years.

    "I know a colleague found around 30 in Tamerton Foliot last week, so I'd imagine there's lot more growing around the city. We're always keen to hear from anyone in connection with drugs supply or cultivation.

    "At the end of the day, cannabis and a number of other drugs are illegal and in some cases are used to fund other forms of criminality. Our job is to enforce the law of the land and that's what we've done. The cannabis plants are now at Charles Cross police station and will be destroyed."

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    Full Article: Cannabis could be growing wild across Devon, say police | Devon Live
    Author: Neil_Shaw
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    Photo Credit: John Nores Jr
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    Re: UK: Cannabis Could Be Growing Wild Across Devon, Say Police

    25 plants in a wild crop and they bring in the dogs and a SWAT team!

    Wouldn't those resources be better used keeping the nutbars from stabbing people in London?

    Jolly old England isn't so jolly anymore. In the word of a great man. Sad!
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