Jurors upheld the Oakland Guidelines and hung 11-1 to acquit Steve and
Michele Kubby of all marijuana charges. Except for the one hold-out juror,
all the other jurors recognized and supported the Guidelines.

Michele Kubby was acquitted of all remaining charges.

Steve Kubby was found guilty of felony possession of a mushroom stem and a
minute quantity of peyote. The jury had originally voted to acquit, but
reversed itself and voted to convict today, after having the legal
definition of a usable quantity re-read to them. Steve will return on
February 2 for sentencing.

"We won the important battle for recognition of the Oakland Guidelines.
Even in conservative Placer County, jurors will not convict a bona fide
patient who follows the Oakland Guidelines. The other charges are
unfortunate, but we'll deal with that issue at the appropriate time." said