Long-time marijuana crusader Grant Krieger plans to launch legal action
today after Alberta Justice officials confiscated almost 100 grams of
marijuana from him.

Krieger, who suffers from multiple sclerosis and smokes pot to alleviate
the pain, turned himself in to the arrest processing unit Monday to begin
serving a 33-day prison sentence for breach of probation.

"He called me from jail and asked me to initiate proceedings as this is an
infringement of a court order and his human rights," said his wife, Marie
Krieger. "It may be contraband for other people in there, but it's an
allowed substance for him."

But an Alberta Justice official disagrees, and says marijuana will not be
allowed in the province's jails.

"It is considered contraband and so it was confiscated and given to the
police." said spokesman Bart Johnson.

Armed with a large Ziploc bag stuffed with almost $1,000 worth of pot he
planned to smoke while in jail, Krieger, 46, surrendered to police at
noon, opting to serve time rather than pay $1,750 in fines.

Last month he won a landmark ruling allowing him to grow and cultivate
marijuana. The province is appealing the decision.

"I'm surprised that they actually incarcerated him for something a judge
has already found him to require," Marie Krieger said, adding she expects
her husband to be in tremendous pain and confined to a wheelchair within days.

"It's going to be hard," Krieger said before kissing his wife goodbye.
"It's not the best living conditions in jail. There is no comfort."

Johnson said medical staff will assist Krieger should he need it. "There
will be an assessment by medical staff at the remand centre and
conventional medication will be prescribed if it's required."

In 1999, Krieger was jailed 16 days for failing to pay fines. Within a
week in jail without marijuana he was confined to a wheelchair.

Although, Krieger was packing more than four times the legal amount of
pot police consider for possession with intent to traffic Monday, he was
not charged.

Staff Sgt. Pat Larabie said federal Crown prosecutors advised police not to
charge Krieger.

"We will keep (his marijuana) in our property room and return it to him
when he gets out."

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