I've not phoned because I can't! Last Friday I lost my phone use for six
months because I sent a letter to Woody Harrelson telling them to put
me through to him wherever he is. They considered that an attempt to make a
three-way phone call - so to punish me they took away my use of the phone
for six months AND 27 days of "good time."

Can you imagine spending a month in prison AND not being allowed to talk to
anyone you love for six months simply because you intended to make a multi
-line phone call?!!

So that is why I have not called in the past week. It's going to be much
harder to stay sane without being able to just talk.

If you would please start printing up the NORML news and snail mailing it
to me so I can stay - ?in touch?

Anyhow, I am going to appeal this insane punishment, but I doubt if it will
change a damn thing.

Stay in touch! (please)


Please write to him. Send him cards and let him know that he is not alone.
Todd's mailing address is --
Todd Patrick McCormick
Inmate #11071-112
P.O. Box 3007
Terminal Island, Ca. 90731