A EURO MP is planning to walk into a Stockport police station and demand to
be arrested for possessing cannabis. Chris Davies is so angry at the
treatment of a local cannabis campaigner that he is prepared to put his
political career on the line to support him.

He faces arrest and could end up in custody for up to three hours.

Mr Davies, who is calling for legalisation of drugs, is taking the dramatic
step to demonstrate his support for Colin Davies, who has been in custody
charged with drug offences.

Police raided Mr Davies' Dutch Experience coffee shop, in Hooper Street,
Stockport, where cannabis has been supplied to people who need it for
medicinal purposes. It is Britain's first ''cannabis cafe''.

As part of a protest on Saturday, Chris Davies, a Liberal Democrat MEP in
the European Parliament, is planning to attend the town's main police
station and demand to be arrested on charges of possession of a small
quantity of cannabis resin.

The starting point for the protest is the Dutch Experience Coffee Shop and
- if arrested and released - he will take part in a public meeting in the
main shopping centre.

He has had to consult Liberal Democrat chiefs before making his stand.

Mr Davies, who does not take drugs himself, points out that Liberal
Democrats are to discuss calls for non-prosecution of people for possession
and social supply of cannabis at their party conference in Manchester next

''I believe all drugs should be legalised to cut crime,'' said Mr Davies.

''Cannabis is less harmful than alcohol. It is time politicians started to
speak out about it publicly.''

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Pubdate: Wed, 12 Dec 2001
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