Pot growing is apparently way down in Kaua'i fields and wilderness areas. A
comment by Lt. Marty Curnan of the Kauai Police Department comparing the
number of pot plants found during a recent raid to similar searches in the
early 1980s, shows a great decline in this practice. Curnan said 20 years
ago he could uncover 50,000 marijuana plants on Kaua'i in less than a week,
compared to just over 4,000 during a recent operation led by the state
Department of Land and Natural Resources. This decline in on-island drug
production is good news for law enforcement officials and for the community
who should find hiking and other outdoor wilderness activities safer places
with less pot growers in action.

Newshawk: Sledhead
Pubdate: Tue, 12 Mar 2002
Source: Garden Island (HI)
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