The month of September has seen a dramatic escalation of the War on Drugs in
California, with DEA raids on two leading medical marijuana dispensaries. On
September 5th, DEA agents arrested Valerie and Michael Corral of WAMM
(Wo/Men's alliance for Medical Marijuana) and destroyed approximately 150
marijuana plants intended for use by WAMM's members, most of whom are
terminally ill. On September 12, the Petaluma-based Genesis 1:29 medical
cannabis dispensary was raided, and Robert Schmidt, the owner, was arrested
by the DEA. On the same day, the agents also raided a garden in Sebastopol
which supplied the Genesis dispensary.

These raids are only the most recent actions in an escalating DEA campaign
directed at medical cannabis co-ops in California. The Petaluma and Santa
Cruz co-ops were among California's most carefully law-abiding: each
required members to have a doctor's prescription, issued ID cards, and
worked with local officials to shape agreements and protocols for operation.
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Preston Peet
Editor at Large High Times mag/.com
"You can bomb the world to pieces,
but you can't bomb the world into peace."
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