The revelation of President Kennedy's medical records by historian
Robert Dallek, showing that he suffered severe chronic pain and
spasms from spinal damage and colitis plus anxiety and insomnia,
raises the distinct possibility that JFK experienced the medical
benefits of marijuana.
It has long been rumored that JFK smoked marijuana. I spoke to a
musician who played in a band that accompanied Kennedy around the
country during his 1960 campaign. He told me that he witnessed JFK
smoking a joint on the train; a group of secret service agents
closed in to screen him from view while he lit up, but my
acquaintance got a glimpse of him through the crowd.
Many patients use marijuana to relieve the same problems JFK
suffered: back pain & spasms, colitis, anxiety and insomnia. My
bet is that JFK did too. After all, his records show that he used a
virtual pharmacopoeia of now-controlled substances, including
methadone, Demerol, codeine, Ritalin, librium, procaine and

Date: Tue, 19 Nov 2002
Dale Gieringer, Cal NORML
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