MEXICO CITY - Mexican President Vicente Fox says marijuana use is increasing
in his country because of its non-criminal treatment of the drug, a lesson
Canada should learn.

During an interview with CBC Radio Thursday, Fox wished Canada good luck as
the federal Liberals take a serious look at decriminalizing marijuana.

Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien is in Mexico this week to discuss
trade, immigration and the Iraqi crisis with Fox.

Fox said Mexico has started co-operating more with Washington on its war on
drugs, assigning soldiers to destroying marijuana crops.

"We are working with a common purpose to reduce drug trafficking," said Fox.

He said Mexico is making progress in reducing the supply of the drugs,
including an acknowledgement from Washington that American demand for pot is
the major part of the problem.

Despite these efforts, consumption of marijuana among Mexicans is up, partly
because of Mexican law, Fox says.

The president said some traffickers aren't getting convicted because they
argue that the pot they are caught with is for personal use, not for sale.

Fox said the non-criminal treatment of pot is part of the reason more
Mexicans are using marijuana. He said said decriminalizing marijuana has not
helped the situation in Mexico, adding, "I wish you good luck in Canada."

Pubdate: Fri, 28 Feb 2003
Source: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (Canada Web)
Copyright: 2003 CBC