SAINT JOHN, N.B. -- New Brunswick will wait for Ottawa to deal with the
decriminalization of pot before it takes any action to prevent more
cannabis cafes from opening in the province.

Hemp NB's Cannabis Cafe opened March 30 in Saint John, providing customers
with a public place to smoke marijuana. The cafe doesn't sell drugs but
provides a venue for adult customers to smoke in a social setting.

Justice Minister Brad Green said yesterday the province is anxious to hear
the federal government state its intentions to deal with the
decriminalization issue.

"The province of New Brunswick is on record as being opposed to the
decriminalization of marijuana. Our position remains the same," he said.
"As for this particular operation in the city of Saint John, that is a
policing issue. The law is very clear as far as we're concerned."

Green said he had no idea when the federal government will conclude its
examination of the issue and come to a decision.

Pubdate: Sat, 05 Apr 2003
Source: Edmonton Sun (CN AB)
Copyright: 2003, Canoe Limited Partnership.