Dear Media Friends,

Judges in California's 3rd District Court of Appeals, gave us an unexpected
present last week by turning a misdemeanor peyote conviction against my
husband into a felony. Today the Sacramento Bee published a story that gave
Steve a chance to respond to this decision.

Fortunately, Steve is immune here in Canada and cannot be extradited, since
his "crime" in California is an offence unknown to Canadian law. Instead,
this felony conviction will ensure that we win refugee status this Fall,
since it clearly shows just how corrupt the criminal justice system has
become in the U.S.

Naturally we will appeal this bogus decision by the 3rd District Court to
the California Supreme Court, as well as the court of public opinion, which
is why I am writing you today.

Currently we are completing our written arguments for our Refugee Protection
Hearing. We have submitted DEA documents as well as testimony from
witnesses to support our allegation that Deputy District Attorney Chris
Cattran and Placer County Investigator Mike Lyke committed fraud upon the
court to illegally obtain the original search warrant against us. It is our
belief that Cattran and Lyke lied to Superior Court Judge James Garbolino
about a DEA report to create the appearance of a crime taking place at our
home and to fool the court into issuing a criminal warrant against a known
medical marijuana patient.

We also provided testimony from a journalist, Pete Brady, who said he was
threatened by officer Lyke with jailhouse rape, if he did not make up
incriminating evidence against us.

We believe the Canadian court will uphold our allegations, grant us
political amnesty and set the record straight on what really happened in
Placer County.

Copies of the evidence and testimony submitted to the Refugee Protection
Board, documenting these alleged illegal actions by Cattran and Lyke, are
available upon request.

Let freedom grow,

Michele Kubby

32545 B Golden Lantern, Suite 101
Dana Point, CA 92629
Michele Kubby, 604-885-7651 (working media only, please)