Hemp in English is hampa in Swedish!

The Swedish Hemp Network is an organisation operating to reintroduce the cultivation and use of industrial hemp (industrihampa) in Sweden.

Just this month, as expected, the EU-court declared that the Swedish government has no authority to prevent Swedish farmers from cultivating hemp.

In the past, the EU-legislation permitting the cultivation of industrial hemp stood in severe conflict with the national legislation regarding hemp and the use of narcotics.
In 2001, a few Swedish farmers dared the national laws and under the risk of being arrested as serious drug criminals, planted industrial hemp! Among them Ulf Hammarsten in the province of Halland, southern Sweden. Under massive media observation the police confiscated his crops.

While some local courts ruled in favour of EU-regulations and Hammarsten¹s actions, various government institutions and other courts delivered contradicting statements thus adding to the general confusion in the whole situation.

The Swedish government has not yet shown any greater interest in solving this issue once and for all, so that Hammarsten and other Swedish farmers can compete on equal terms with other EU farmers on the common market.

This is the status quo situation for the moment and it is now up to the EU-parliament in Brussels to tell the Swedish authorities under which laws we are to abide. One of Sweden¹s best known lawyers, Leif Silbersky, is running this case.

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Monday, January 20, 2003
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