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Thread: Supporters Rally for Marijuana

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    Supporters Rally for Marijuana

    Supporters of legalizing marijuana gathered in Civic Center Park behind the Larimer County Justice Center on Saturday. The event in Fort Collins was part of the Global Marijuana March; 239 cities across the globe also held events.

    Supporters also set up shop in Boulder, Denver and Colorado Springs. "We believe it's time to stop the prohibition on marijuana," said Gregory Stinson, president of Front Range Norml, a group that advocates the legalization of marijuana. "It's senseless and needless." Marijuana is a safer alternative to many prescription medicines and alcohol, he said.

    While many people a year die from prescription and over-the-counter drugs, none die from marijuana use, said Tim Gordon, a member of Norml who helped organize the Fort Collins event.

    The federal government considers marijuana a Schedule I substance, meaning it's got high potential for abuse and no accepted medical use. And using marijuana brings several health risks, including impairment, increased risk of heart attack and added potential for lung cancer, according to the Mayo Clinic.

    Saturday's event advocated for two bills that are currently in Congress, HR 5842 and HR 5843. HR 5842 would prevent the federal government from interfering with medical marijuana programs in states where they are legal. HR 5843 would eliminate federal penalties for the possession of 100 grams and "not-for-profit" transfer of one ounce of marijuana.

    Marijuana laws and biases are based on false propaganda, Gordon said. Marijuana users are not going to "hack people to death with a machete," as some "government propaganda" has portrayed them as doing, Stinson said. An unfair stigma is attached to users, Bill Omarrow said. "It's still associated with hard-core drugs, and I don't think it should be," Omarrow said.

    The association was probably because of the drug culture of the 1970s, the Loveland chef said. Omarrow, who has degenerative back disease, said he has used marijuana for medical reasons for almost 40 years. "I've had the other stuff," he said. "I know what I've been through and I would rather do this than (traditional treatment)."

    The use of marijuana by responsible adults should be allowed, said Mike Larson of Angel Fire, New Mexico, who stopped briefly at a bench in the park outside of the Justice Center on his way to a wedding. "(I have) nothing against it," he said. "As long as they do it responsibly and don't go out driving and being hazardous."

    Source: The Coloradoan
    Copyright: 2008, The Coloradoan
    Contact: TIM KEITH,
    Website: The Coloradoan - - Ft. Collins, CO.

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    Re: Supporters Rally for Marijuana

    Marijuana.... Marijuana.... Hey hey hey Lets get high
    HAppiness is an inner thing
    brings joy to the mind
    relaxation within
    Waves of doubt come and go
    but your the only thing, to make it show.
    Drift off into that peacefull place
    Take time to breath and meditate.
    Flows like a river
    connect with a tree
    Wars expensive but peace is free .

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    Re: Supporters Rally for Marijuana

    The thing about it, is that it's so much more than that. people wouldn't be as prone to even do hard drugs if it were legal. Most people want to be allowed to use it in the privacy of their own homes without fear of loosing everything they have worked so hard for, mainly their families. It is unfair to everyone that uses MJ, to live in fear and it just puts an extra unjust strain on their well being. I strongly believe that if legalized, the pot users them selves would help the war on hard drugs be more successful if not totally successful. I for one as a smoker would support a bill that would concentrate it's efforts towards deadly drugs and I think most of us would. I mean, I would not have any qualms on ratting out a street dealer slinging crack or meth to kids. And those that were strung out on it could easily be weened off of it with the aid of marijuana...I know from personal experience that it works too!!! You see, there is another use for this GOD made medicine!!!